About Fletco Carpets


Fletco Carpets manufactures wall-to-wall carpets for both the domestic and the contract market. Materials, design and quality are adapted accordingly. This means that the company offers approx. 30 qualities in its standard range, each of which is manufactured in 5-50 shades. The products are stored in rolls of approx. 25 metres, with qualities available in widths of 4 and some in 5 metres. The carpets are made of polyamide and polypropylene. Apart from the standard ranges, Fletco Carpets also offers a special program with 5-10 qualities. This special program has a shorter life than the standard ranges, which are maintained for at least three years.



Over a period of years, Fletco Carpets has implemented an ambitious investment programme in order to ensure it has sufficiently advanced, flexible machinery. Today, the company has a state of-the-art production apparatus that is also characterized by its great flexibility. This makes it possible to convert at relatively little cost to meet possible changes in the needs of the market. This commitment to new technology has led to a number of spin-off innovations, some of which have been patented. This applies, for example, to the com­pany's conveyer innovation - an integrated transport system that was originally designed for the slaughterhouse industry, but which Fletco Carpets now has exclusive rights to within the carpet industry.



Until 1975, Fletco Carpets pro­duced almost exclusively for the Danish market. Targeted strategy has changed all that. Today, 75% of production is exported, mainly to European countries' that include Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Sales are through the company's own organization, agents and importers. Pre­sentation takes place at internationally recognized trade fairs known for attracting decision makers. Fletco' s sales have been steadily increas­ing over a number of years. Even in markets with tough com­petition regarding prices, it has been able to gain and maintain a strong foothold. Fletco Carpets has also increased its market share in its most important markets.

Fletco Carpets cooperates closely with its yarn-suppliers. It is important to have early access to new fibres, so they can be tested in carpet manufacture.



One of the aims of Fletco Carpets is to control each sector of the production. All functions do not have to take place under one roof, but it is nevertheless important to have a finger on the pulse of each and every process if one is to guarantee the quality of the finished product. The actual manufacture of the carpets takes place at our own company. The carpet-backing is added at the backing-plant company Foamtex located next door, of which Fletco Carpets is co-owner. Foamtex now also has a dye house and a laboratory. The laboratory inspects all the raw materials used in production and tests all the finished products. Fletco has joined the common European marking system from TÜV, with the laboratory checking that all requirements are met both in the production process and in the finished products. Fletco's carpets are also checked for international labels and certificates.

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