Fletco Carpets A/S can now look back on 70 years of development. These have taken the company from its early days as a small scale supplier of carpets to Danish consumers to its present day position as a supplier of carpets to the international domestic and con­tract market.

Fletco Carpets has its roots in the proud traditions of its region for craftsman­like, industrial processing of textile products. This sense of belonging is important, since it embraces such values as quality, industry and preci­sion.

At the same time, Fletco Carpets has developed into a modern market- and customer-oriented company, where product develop­ment, technological innovation and efficient production are important key­words.

The future will mean more stringent demands regarding environmental awareness in pro­duction - and thus in the final products as well. Fletco Carpets was quick to anticipate this tendency. The company's own laboratory ensures that the carpets fulfil requirements for internationally recognised certifications and trials, whilst also guaran­teeing that tomorrow's require­ments are taken into account as well. Fletco Carpets is ready for the century.


Richard Jensen, ­father of the brothers Benny, Bent and Brian Jensen, established and developed the carpet production, that has made Fletco Carpets one of Denmark´s leading carpet manufacturers.

The company began with furnishing textiles woven in Ikast, curtains and flag­lines as its main products, but these products soon gave way to carpets as the company thrived, soon moving to new premises as space became scarce.


At that time, carpets were woven in widths of only one metre - if they were to be wider, they had to be sewn together. To begin with, the carpets were exclusively for the home market, sales being via wholesalers to carpet- and furni­ture-dealers. The presentation of new products took place 11 kilometers further west in Herning, which was fast establishing itself as an exhibition town,

The area around Herning and Ikast underwent explosive development during the 1950s and 1960s, both in terms of indus­try and population - its base of departure being primarily the textiles industry.

Fletco Carpets contributed to this development and benefited greatly from it.

Products from the area enjoyed a high reputation throughout the country, with a skilled labour force seeking employment in the area to take part in the industrial adventure.


The tufting machines, which had seen the light of day in USA in the 1960s, reached Denmark in the late 1960s, revolutionising the manufacture of carpets at a stroke. Fletco Carpets had anticipated this development, so it was among the first to introduce these new machines. The arrival of the tufting machines and their impor­tance for a company's competi­tiveness has ever since served as a reminder of the importance of being at the leading edge when it comes to technological develop­ment.

This also predetermined Fletco Carpets' wish in 1978 to control the manufacture of carpet­backings and was why - along with other carpet factories - it established a backingplant com­pany, Foamtex A/S, in Ikast.

To ensure possibilities for future expansion, Fletco Carpets moved in 1985 from the centre of Ikast to the same industrial area as Foamtex, where it now has more than 19,000 sqm of production, sales and administration space.


Richard Jensen managed Fletco Carpets until his death in 1982, when his sons took over the ownership and daily management of the company. Since then, they have increased the number of owners to include institutional investors, so as to strengthen the capital basis and to ensure good development and growth potential.

Benny, Bent and Brian Jensen follow in his footsteps, consolidating the lifework of their father. They combine decades of solid experience at the heart of the Scandinavian textiles industry with present-day international technology, thereby being well-equipped to meet the requirements of tomorrow. They have pledged themselves to develop further the vitality and physical growth of the company.

At the beginning of 2016 Fletco Carpets got a new majority shareholder as the Danish investment company Erhvervsinvest bought the majority of shares in the Danish carpet company. The new majority owner will contribute risk capital and expertise in internationalization, which will help to strengthen Fletco’s foundation further. The three brothers will continue to be in charge of the daily management of Fletco Carpets.


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