From artwork to carpet tiles in just 2 weeks!

In connection with Novacolor Scandinavia’s participation in Denmark’s biggest designer fair Formland in august 2018 in Herning, the designer Nadia Aabo Jensen came up with the idea that Novacolor as highlight should have the worlds first Novacolor carpet on their stand (based on their product ‘Ironic’). Shortly after the decision was made, Novacolor contacted Fletco and we were of course interested in helping Novacolor make their dream come true.

A challenging, but short process
In what was meant to be an easy and relatively simple process, the making of the carpet turned into a bit of a challenge for Novacolor. This because they did not have a picture that was big enough to be printed. Therefore, barely a week before deadline, Nadia was forced to paint her own 200 x 200 cm large artwork. After several days of intense and almost working nonstop, the artwork was completed and a professional photographer came and took the needed pictures for the print. 

The correct files were delivered to Fletco in the beginning of the week and the files then were printed on the master tiles. Afterwards the master tiles were laser cut into carpet tiles in the size 25 x 100 cm and were now ready to be installed at the stand at the fair. From delivery of the files to the finished installation of the carpet tiles, it only took 2 weeks!

A very satisfied designer
We were lavishly praised by Nadia Aabo Jensen for the collaboration: ”I’m very satisfied with the collaboration and the guidance I got from Fletco. I’m very impressed that the tiles were finished that fast. It was an overwhelming feeling seeing how several days of hard work had turned out. It looked beautiful and it’s very impressive how good the details of the artwork were reproduced in the carpet tiles. Fletco deserves to be praised for their great job!”.

At Fletco we are proud to be part of the making of the world’s first Novacolor carpet. Should we also help you with developing your carpet, then please contact us at +45 9660 3030 – we are looking forward to helping you!

Digitally printed carpet tiles from Fletco Carpets


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