Unique carpet tile shape is one of the finalist for the Danish Design Award 2019

Fletco Carpets’ innovative and unique carpet tile shape called LockTiles® is one of the 45 finalists, which has been chosen to participate in the award show at the Danish Design Award 2019. The jury has chosen LockTiles® as finalist in the category “Game Changer”. The award show takes place the 13 May in Copenhagen.

This is the first time that LockTiles® is chosen to participate in a Danish design competition, but it is far from the first time that the innovative carpet tile shape is honoured. Since its entry on the market almost two years ago, the LockTiles® has won five different prestigious international design awards, for example Reddot 2018 and German Design Award 2019.

“At Fletco we are incredibly proud to be one of the finalists for the Danish Design Award 2019. It is also a great honour, as there has been many entries this year – and the quality has been incredibly high too. Given that LockTiles® has been chosen as a finalist in the category “Game Changer” is a proof of innovation and that the carpet tile shape is already changing the focus in the carpet industry. We have understood the challenges and wishes from our clients and developed a carpet tile shape, which both gives them a carpet tile and also the look of a broadloom. We are the only in the carpet industry, who offer this kind of carpet tile shape, therefore we have a patent pending on the form”, says CEO and co-owner Benny Jensen.

About LockTiles®

LockTiles® is a brand new and unique carpet tile shape with laser cut edges. This means that the edges interlock around each other and always will fit together in all directions – meter for meter, no matter the size of the area.

The LockTiles® guarantees an effective and perfect installation with a completely homogeneous surface making the joints less visible. The new carpet tile is specifically developed for customers, who want the best within flat woven carpet tiles and their many advantages, and simultaneously want the exclusive look of a broadloom.

The LockTiles® are available in the size 50 x 50 cm and can be delivered in the following collections: Nordic, Classic Weave, COM1000 and Space.

The carpet tile shape has been designed by Ole Bækkegaard.

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