Danish Indoor Climate Labelling

Fletco's carpets with textile or felt backing or tiles with the TEXtiles® backing all have the Dansk Indeklimamærket (Danish Indoor Climate Labelling).

Danish Indoor Climate Labelling is a labelling scheme that documents the emission of chemical compounds from building materials, furniture and fixtures to the indoor air. DICL was founded in 1993 by the Danish housing minister and has continuously been operated by Danish Technological Institute.

A product holding an Indoor Climate Label has been subjected to extensive testing, resulting in documentation for the release of chemical compounds to the indoor air along with documentation of an acceptable sensory perception of the product. 

Danish Indoor Climate Labelling has a line of criteria, products must meet in order to comply. There is an upper limit to how much the products are allowed to emit – and which substances are allowed to be emitted from the products. For example, no carcinogenics can be emitted from an Indoor Climate Labelled product. Further, DICL is the only scheme in Denmark with standards for the sensory perception of building products, furniture and fixtures.

DICL is distinguished from EU Ecolabel and The Blue Label by setting standards for the emitted chemical compounds and their effect on indoor climate and health rather than the compounds and their influence on environment and allergy.

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Danish Indoor Climate Labelling