Carpets and allergies

In any population a small percentage of the population will be allergic to dust mites and this means that special requirements are needed in interior design and cleaning in the home.

It is a common misconception that people who are allergic to dust mites cannot have carpets.

Dust mites cannot live at normal room temperature nor can they survive with the level of humidity normally associated with a living room.

The problem with dust mites is in the area of the bed. The mites thrive in blankets, quilts and mattresses as here it is dark, moist and warm, there is also a plentiful supply of food in the form of dead human and animal skin. It is as a result very important for allergy sufferers to air out and vacuum on a regular basis especially the bedroom.

By vacuuming you are removing the mites that land on the floor, and by airing out you are creating a dryer atmosphere which reduces the mites chances of survival.



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