Choose the correct carpet for commercial use

The surroundings are important for the human well-being. Workplaces can be designed - and are designed - in many different ways, because of different needs and wishes regarding furniture, fabrics, colours etc. But the indoor environment has a crucial role, and how comfortable it will feel, is closely related to the choice of flooring.

There are many requirements for good flooring. Good quality is more than a good appearance. Floor coverings should be comfortable to walk on, practical, durable, heat-insulating, sound-absorbing, easy to install and maintain - without draining the bank account completely. All in all, pretty extensive requirements.

Read all the good reasons why to choose carpeting as floor covering for your project:

Carpets are beautiful and fashionable

  • •  It is possible to create individual solutions
  • •  through a wide range of colours
  • •  as well as patterns and structures
  • •  fit into all interiors
  • •  create a good atmosphere

No other flooring offers so many options!

Carpets are durable

  • •  and robust
  • •  resistant to abrasion
  • •  have a long lifetime
  • •  and look good

No other flooring with similar comfort is stronger than quality carpets!

Carpets are sound-absorbing

  • •  They absorb noise
  • •  they improve impact sound reduction
  • •  reduce the reverberation
  • •  create a good acoustics

Carpets counteract stress!

Carpets are safe and healthy

  • •  Have a anti-slipping effect, which prevents fall injuries
  • •  have a favorable effect on the indoor climate
  • •  gather airborne dust, thereby reducing dust nuisance for asthmatics and people with other respiratory problems

Carpets are good for the indoor climate!

Carpets are easy to install

  • •  Suitable for most floors
  • •  are easy to adapt
  • •  easy to lay
  • •  and just as easy to remove
  • •  the price matches the quality

Carpeting is common sense!

Carpets are easy to maintain

  • •  anti-stain treatment can be applied
  • •  therefore the carpet will be resistant to stains and dirt
  • •  regular vacuuming is usually sufficient; use any micro filter
  • •  low maintenance costs

No other flooring with similar comfort is so easy to maintain as carpets are!

Carpets are environmentally friendly

  • •  They are produced in an environmentally friendly way
  • •  have a long lifetime
  • •  are heat-insulating and energy-efficient
  • •  recyclable
  • •  can be incinerated in heating plants and create energy

Carpets therefore are the choice – for an energy-efficient environment.

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