Design your own rug

- plan, draw, create, order

Modern Art rugs can be personalised to your chosen design, colour and size. Let your imagination run wild.
If you would like to create your own rug, please send us your draft design with details on graph paper.

Other advantages of this product:

Modern Art rugs are suitable for smooth and clean surfaces in particular as they are made with an innovative underside that limits slipping * (*please refer to product instructions). Expensive borders are not required as the rug's underside is cut resistance.

Please note the following points when ordering:

1. Download and print the planning paper from
2. Create your draft design on the planning paper; the draft can be no larger than 400 x 500 cm.
    Please note that each box on the planning paper corresponds to a 10 cm x 10 cm unit.
3. Choose the quality and colour and include it in the document.
    For example: Modern Art 331 Colour 350
4. Scan the draft design and send as a PDF file to your Fletco contact or directly to Fletco Carpets.
5.  After receipt of your order, we will fine-tune your draft design for production and send a specified
    order confirmation with a printout of the rug and the final measurements.
6. The largest length and width in square metres is calculated at the custom measurement price.
    The minimum quantity for an order is 1.5 square metres.

In the draft please avoid using pointed or filigree designs, as these cannot be created in production.
See OK and NO examples below: 


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