The history about Fletco Carpets A/S

One of Europe's leading carpet manufacturers

Fletco Carpets A/S can look back on over 75 years of development that has taken the company from a small supplier of carpets to Danish consumers to a position as a supplier of carpets to the international residential and contract market.

Founded in 1947, Fletco is rooted in the proud traditions of craftsmanship and industrial processing of textile products in central Jutland, encompassing values such as quality, diligence and precision. At the same time, Fletco Carpets has developed into a modern market and customer-oriented company where product development, technological innovation and efficient production are important keywords.

In the future, environmental concerns and awareness of sustainable initiatives will play an even more important part of the manufacturing process and the finished products. Fletco Carpets has been at the forefront of this development from an early stage. The company's internal laboratory ensures that carpets comply with the requirements for internationally recognized certificates, while also guaranteeing that tomorrow's requirements are taken into account.

A family-owned business

It all started with upholstery fabrics when Richard Jensen founded the company in Ikast in 1947 and began producing woven upholstery fabrics, curtains and flag halyards as the main products. These products soon gave way to carpets and the company outgrew its first premises. The three sons of Richard Jensen: Benny, Bent and Brian Jensen then founded the carpet production that today has made Fletco Carpets one of Denmark's leading carpet manufacturers.

The area around Herning and Ikast underwent an explosive development during the 1950s and 1960s, both in terms of business and population, but especially based on the textile industry. The area would later become known as 'Denmark's textile capital'. Fletco Carpets was part of this explosive development and participated in the industrial adventure, where products from the Herning region became renowned throughout the country. 

An industrial revolution

The tufting machines that had emerged in the US in the 1960s reached Denmark in the late 1960s. In one fell swoop, carpet manufacturing was revolutionized; the management of Fletco had anticipated this arrival and their future impact on competitiveness, so Fletco was among the first to invest in this new machines. Since then, the company has made sure to stay at the forefront of technology.

This also paved the way for Fletco Carpets to finally take control of the manufacturing of carpet­ backings in 1978. Together with other carpet factories, it established the dye-house and backing factory, Foamtex A/S, in Ikast.

A new factory in Bording 

To ensure future expansion opportunities, Fletco moved from Ikast in 1985 and built the current 10.000 m2 facilities in Bording next to Foamtex that currently holds production, sales and administration.

Richard Jensen led Fletco until his death in 1982, after which his sons Benny, Bent and Brian took over ownership, daily management and the innovative development of new products.

In 2016, Fletco Carpets A/S gained a new main shareholder as Erhvervsinvest acquired a majority stake in the family-owned carpet company. Under new management and with 55 dedicated employees, the proud craftsmanship traditions are carried on, so that Fletco Carpets' high-quality textile flooring solutions can be found in commercial buildings and private homes all over the world.