Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) form the basis for the data for assessing buildings on an ecological level. This is currently laid down in the new European Standards project "Sustainability of buildings".

Environmental Product Declarations are based on ISO standards and are therefore internationally aligned. They are suitable as proof of environmental claims in the public procurement arena.

Environmental Product Declarations offer the relevant basic data on environmental properties of a product for sales and marketing purposes

Read more about EPD and watch the video "What is an EPD?" by clicking the link.

You can find and download our EPD’s here:

Woven broadloom, PA 6.6
(Nordic Living, Nordic, Uno, Duo, Quattro, Nove)

Woven carpet tiles, PA 6.6
(Nordic Living, Nordic, Sebastian Wrong by Fletco)

Woven broadloom, PA 6.0
(COM 1000)

Woven carpet tiles, PA 6.0
(COM 1000 TEXtiles®)

Woven carpet tiles, PET
(Art Weave by Fletco, Layers by Sebastian Wrong and Apis)