CO2e – our carbon footprint

CO2e – our carbon footprint

Fletco Carpets offers cradle-to-grave calculations of the total climate footprint according to the EU-approved PEF standard, Product Environmental Footprint. This applies to all our contract qualities.

..because we care.

Every product manufactured leaves a carbon footprint in this world depending on the materials used, production processes involved, shipping method, use and final disposal; whether it be up- or recycling or discarding.

In collaboration with MÅLBAR Fletco Carpets has conducted in-depth cradle-to-grave carbon footprint emission calculations on all our contract qualities according to the EU-approved PEF standard. Because we care about the environment and are giving our customers the chance to make sustainable decisions based on accurate data.

For years the focus has solely been on CO2 emissions, but this is only a small part of the many and sometimes more harmful greenhouse gases that are emitted during a product’s life cycle.  The CO2e (the “e” short for equivalent and not “emissions” as many wrongly believe) is a quantification of the total greenhouse gas emissions produced over a product’s lifetime – including the use phase.

Effective 2024, only CO2e climate footprint quantifications calculated in accordance with the PEF standard as defined by the EU, are valid data and in compliance with the requirements for CSRD reporting. To learn more about the PEF standard: EU's Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)

Need a PEF report?

We are happy to supply you with relevant PEF reports upon request. The documentation is readily available in English. Please contact your local Fletco Carpets sales representative for assistance.

CO2e – our carbon footprint