Improved TEXtiles® backing

Improved TEXtiles® backing

Same good performance, but now even lighter and better for the environment
Improved TEXtiles® backing

The TEXtiles® backing has become lighter

We constantly seek to improve and optimize our products. During this seek and after several thoroughly tests, we have now improved our TEXtiles® carpet tile backing.

With the newly improved carpet backing, we achieve many advantages which are good for both us and especially the environment and the floor fitter:

  • A reduced carbon footprint and therefore better for both the climate and environment
  • Less climate impact during transportation
  • The floor fitters will lift less than usual
  • The reduced total mass of the product means less total waste

What does it mean to you?
All our carpet tiles with the TEXtiles® backing uphold the same advantages as earlier. It is good for you and the environment. As always, we recommend using a high-quality Tackifier, when installing the carpet tiles.

Henceforth, all our carpet tiles with the TEXtiles® backing will be produced with the improved and lighter backing.