Download BIM objects

From this site you get quick and easy access to all BIM objects and textures of Fletco Carpets’ products for commercial use - along with the related technical data for our products. The latest versions are freely accessible as Revit files and can also be downloaded via

What is BIM?

BIM is short for Building Information Modelling and refers to a digital 3D model of a construction project. Through virtual models of the construction project, users can effectively plan all components and activities related to the project. BIM is a way to provide you with an overview over design, construction and project management all at the same time.

All BIM objects from Fletco Carpets may contain information about the following parameters:


  • Product type
  • Secondary backing
  • Total thickness
  • Link for technical data sheet

Fletco Carpets aims to contribute to even better construction projects. Our BIM objects and associated data offers you everything you need for your project in relation to our products.

Download our BIM objects below: