Apis – Modular Design Collection

Apis - NEW modular design collection

In the development of our modular design collection Yo2 were inspired by the importance of bees and their importance for our nature and biodiversity. The geometric lines of the Apis collection have their unmistakable origins in the wax boards where the bee deposits its honey. With Apis you have endless combination possibilities with 3 designs, 7 colours and 4 shapes.

The Apis concept in four steps

1. Choose a colour

Whether you stick to one colour or play with multiple colours, you can have a unique flooring solution in any room.

2. Choose a design combination

The artistic expression comes automatically when you choose tiles from the Apis collection.

3. Choose tile shape

Apis is available in four different tile shapes, laser-cut from a large 200x200 cm platinum.

Options are: 25x100 cm, 50x50 cm, 50x100 cm or 100x100 cm.

4. Install randomly

To ensure a vibrant, graphic effect on the floor, the tiles are not numbered. It is part of the design that the tiles should be installed randomly.

Apis image


Do you want to know more about the Apis collection? We are ready to assist you with your specific project.