Art Weave by Fletco

Raw, patinated, artistic structures

Art Weave by Fletco® realizes the vision of combining the raw, patinated look of an industrial floor with the exceptional acoustic properties of a flat-woven carpet. The four different designs of this modular collection were inspired by both natural and manmade materials, such as stone and concrete, and are digitally printed on the hardwearing surface, where the underlying weave brings an added dimension to the rugged expression.

The award-winning Art Weave by Fletco® collection makes it easy to create a unique, durable floor solution with a dynamic character, as the individual carpet tiles combine to form an expressionist artwork at floor level. The organic design not only brings life and character to the surroundings but also ensures that the carpet will continue to look beautiful for many years to come.

The expressions, colours and shapes makes it easy to create a living and unique flooring solutions.

Available in four selected designs, four different shapes and a variety of organic colours.

Art Weave - the concept

1. Select master tile
The artistic expression comes automatically when selecting Art Weave tiles. Select 1 of the 4 master tiles. Select the design which fits to your project.

2. Select colour
Whether you stick to one colour or play with different colours, you can create unique flooring solutions in all environments.

3. Select shape
Art Weave is made in 4 different shapes, which are laser cut out of a large master tile. Select shape(s).

4. Place randomly
To ensure a living, graphical and almost collage-like effect the pieces are not numbered. It is part of the design that the tiles are laid randomly.

Art Weave-steps