Layers by Sebastian Wrong

Digitally printed carpet tiles

Layers is a new carpet tile collection designed by Sebastian Wrong for Fletco. The printed tile patterns using Fletco’s unique printing process, combine multi-layered patterns with the intention to disrupt the flow, moving away from the tile edge to a more abstract field that’s layering visual depth and tone.

"We looked at boundaries and edges, strips and squares, lines and colours to try to find a new set of designs that could be realized using Fletco’s production process, delivering what is required for commercial use, while adding.a new aesthetic look to Fletco’s carpet tile range.

The design development process required weaving and morphing images into each other…layering and editing visual data was central to designing this collection."

Sebastian Wrong

The tiles are available as 25 x 100 cm planks or 50 x 50 cm tiles - and in 13 different colours, take a look at the next page. You can mix and match the tiles and colours in any way you like.