Wall-to-wall carpets for healthcare

This is where you find our range of hard-wearing wall-to-wall carpets for the healthcare sector. 

The wall-to-wall carpets offer exceptional performance with modern styling. They are available with our innovative impervious backing, which provides a line of defence against subfloor contamination, and also adding extra comfort, thermal insulation and sound absorption. 

Under each quality we list colours, technical specifications, installation guides and sample ordering forms.

Why you should choose wall-to-wall carpets for your project


  • Unique, modern and inviting design
    • A large choice of textures, patterns and colours
    • Individual solutions
    • Easy to combine with other types of floor coverings – such as wooden floors
    • A wide range of uses
    • Hard-wearing, and stay looking good
    • Easy to maintain because of dirt-resistant treatment
    • Exclusive and comfortable
  • Improve the working environment
    • Noise-attenuating and absorbing, they suppress noise from shoes, telephones and conversation
    • Non-slip
    • Good for the indoor environment as they bind dust particles
    • Heat-insulating
    • Comfortable to walk on
  • Eco-friendly
    • Sustainable production – 100% wind energy
    • Hard-wearing and long lifetime
    • Heat-insulating, and therefore energy-saving
    • Absolutely no bitumen, PVC, Latex or other environmentally-hazardous substances
  • Easy to lay and maintain
    • Suitable for most floors
    • Easy to cut to size
    • Easy to lay
    • Low maintenance costs – vacuum-cleaning is normally sufficient
    • Easy to take up

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