Wall-to-wall carpets for healthcare

Our range of wall-to-wall healthcare carpets are popular due to their exceptional performance. The carpets can withstand extraordinary cleaning requirements, like e.g. the use of strong chemicals for removing stains or unpleasant odors – while maintaining its original appearance. 

The carpets all include our BI-OME anti-microbial yarn treatment that create an environment to which microorganisms can’t adapt and hence deactivate microbes when they meet the carpet. The BI-OME treatment is non-leaching and does not diminish over time, even when exposed to heavy cleaning. 

All carpets can be supplied with our impervious backing providing a line of defense against subfloor contamination, adding extra comfort, thermal insulation, and sound absorption. All properties that assist in creating a clean, calm and safe environment for the residents. 

DSDC’s Products for Dementia Brochure.

For a DSDC accredited carpet visit our Spectrum Tonals collection below.