Wall-to-wall carpets

This is where you find our huge range of hard-wearing wall-to-wall carpets. Being hard-wearing and high quality makes our carpets ideal for use in offices, hotels, schools, museums and anywhere else with high levels of daily traffic, and where office chairs, trolleys and the like are used. And there is no other floor covering with better acoustic properties.

Wall-to-wall carpets from Fletco Carpets will mean the floors in your project will be • unique, modern and inviting • improve the working environment • eco-friendly • easy to lay and maintain.

Under each quality we list colours, technical specifications, laying guides and sample ordering forms.

Carpets for the home

You can find our range of high-quality carpets for the home along with good advice on choice of flooring on our home page.

Why are carpets a good choice for business premises?

Our surroundings are important to our comfort and well-being. Workplaces can differ widely, according to requirements for furniture, material and colour schemes. The indoor environment also plays an important role for job satisfaction and productivity. It’s in these areas that floor coverings play a more important part than most people think.

In addition to looking good and being inviting, high-quality floor coverings must also be comfortable to walk on, be practical, hard-wearing, heat-insulating, noise-attenuating, easy to lay and maintain, without breaking the bank. All-in-all, some pretty tall orders.

When are wall-to-wall carpets the right choice?

Taste and style preferences are what have the most influence on whether you ought to choose wall-to-wall carpets or carpet tiles. Both look good in rooms of any size. What matters is the appearance and design required for your project.

But one big advantage of wall-to-wall carpets is that they are cheaper to make and lay than carpet tiles – without having to compromise on quality.

Why you should choose wall-to-wall carpets for your project

Unique, modern and inviting design

  • A large choice of textures, patterns and colours
  • Individual solutions
  • Easy to combine with other types of floor coverings – such as wooden floors
  • A wide range of uses
  • Hard-wearing, and stay looking good
  • Easy to maintain
  • Exclusive and comfortable

Improve the working environment

  • Noise-attenuating and absorbing, they suppress noise from shoes, telephones and conversation
  • Non-slip
  • Good for the indoor environment as they bind dust particles
  • Heat-insulating
  • Comfortable to walk on


  • Sustainable production – 100% wind energy
  • Hard-wearing and long lifetime
  • Heat-insulating, and therefore energy-saving
  • Absolutely no bitumen, PVC, Latex or other environmentally-hazardous substances

Easy to lay and maintain

  • Suitable for most floors
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Easy to lay
  • Low maintenance costs – vacuum-cleaning is normally sufficient
  • Easy to take up

Call us on +45 96 60 30 00 to hear how we can help make your project more unique, better for the working- and external environment, and long-lasting.

Backing on wall-to-wall carpets


Textile backing

Our wall-to-wall carpets have textile backing as standard.

They are made from recycled materials, and consist of 10 rPET bottles per m2.


Felt backing: “Silent bac”

Felt backing on wall-to-wall carpets is especially used for projects when better soundproofing is required. Several of our wall-to-wall carpets can be supplied with felt backing for a small additional price. Felt backing is made of min. 50 rPET bottles per m2.

If you want to combine wall-to-wall carpets with felt backing with our carpet tiles, there’s no problem, as the total height is the same, and will max. vary by +/- 0.5 mm.

Where are wall-to-wall carpets the right choice?

  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Nurseries
  • Nursing homes
  • Cultural centres
  • Theatres
  • Concert halls
  • Cinemas
  • Museums
  • Conference and exhibition centres
  • Libraries
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Bars
  • and anywhere else where design, durability, good acoustics and ease of maintenance are important.