Contract broadloom

At Fletco Carpets you'll find a wide variety of durable contract-rated broadloom carpets for commercial use - 100% free from bitumen, PVC, latex and other environmentally harmful substances.

Our flatwoven contract broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets are of superior quality and ensure extraordinary durability, making them particularly suitable for commercial use in offices, schools, museums and other places with high foot traffic, extensive office chair usage and the like. Our broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets are all developed in classic and timeless designs to fit into any interior space.

Our broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets are • unique, timeless and minimalistic • made from sustainable materials • HSE improving • easy to maintain • easy to install • durable • Made in Denmark.
Under each carpet quality you will find colour selections, technical specifications, installation instructions and a link to order samples. A common denominator is an exclusive installation that will remain beautiful for years to come due to its unique, high-quality construction, longevity and durability.

Why broadloom carpets are the right choice for commercial use

In the workplace, good acoustics and indoor climate are two important factors for both job satisfaction and productivity. To improve the acoustic properties of an interior setting, a textile flooring solution plays a more important role than most people realize.

At Fletco Carpets, we have contract-rated commercial broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets that fit perfectly into any space. In addition to providing a homogeneous visual appearance, commercial broadloom carpets are comfortable to walk on, practical in their daily use, durable with a long lifespan, heat-insulating and easy to maintain.

Why you should choose contract broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets for your commercial B2B project

Timeless, modern and inviting design

  • Wide range of textures, patterns and colours
  • Customizable solutions
  • Easy to combine with other types of flooring - e.g. wood flooring
  • Wide range of applications
  • Durable and hard-wearing while maintaining the good looks. 
  • Exclusive and comfortable

Contributing to an improved indoor climate

All our contract-rated broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets are 100% free from bitumen, latex, PVC and other harmful substances. They are energy-saving while contributing to lower energy costs. With their comfortable textile backing they guarantee superior sound and impact absorbing properties which can be further improved by fitting them with a recycled felt backing, and due to their construction, they bind dust particles effectively and allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The environmental choice 

The environment also benefits from a broadloom installation. The extreme durability of our flatwoven contract-rated commercial broadloom carpets due gives a longevity that is second-to-none due to the combination of a unique construction and carefully selected high-quality components. 

All Fletco Carpets’ broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets are 100% free from bitumen, PVC, latex and other environmentally harmful substances and produced in Denmark utilizing 100% CO2-neutral renewable Danish energy sources.

Call us on +45 96 60 30 00 to find out how we can help make your project more unique, health and safety enhancing, environmentally friendly and long-lasting. 

Backing types for contract broadloom

Textile backing

Textile backing

Our wall-to-wall carpets have a textile backing as standard. The textile backing is made from recycled material and consists of 10 recycled PET bottles (rPET) per m2.

Felt backing:

Felt backing: “Silent bac”

The felt backing on our broadloom and wall-to-wall carpets is especially used for projects where additional impact sound reduction is requested. All contract broadloom qualities can be supplied with an acoustic felt backing for an additional surcharge. The felt backing is made from minimum 50 recycled PET (rPET) bottles per m2.

If you wish to combine felt-backed broadloom carpets with our contract-rated carpet tiles, this is possible as the overall height is the same and will vary by a maximum of +/- 0.5 mm.

Where are B2B wall-to-wall carpets a good choice?

  • Office areas
  • Financial institutions
  • Cultural institutions 
  • Theaters
  • Cinemas
  • Museums
  • Conference and exhibition centers
  • and other places where design, durability, acoustics and easy maintenance are important.

Find inspiration for designing spaces for different uses form our customers:

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