Bichon rug at Coster Copenhagen stand


Coster Copenhagen’s stand at the SEEK, PREMIUM and FASHIONTECH fairs in Berlin showcases their stunning new collection on Bichon rugs in colours designed to match and complement these high-quality clothes in Nordic design. The rugs are also presenting the beautiful designs at the Ciff fair in Copenhagen this week.

The carpets are in various sizes in a mixture of black, grey, bronze, pastel green and pink.

Thanks to the unique backing on all Fletco Carpets’ rugs, the edges are sharp as a knife, allowing the rugs to lie perfectly adjacent to each other.

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Coster Copenhagen
Coster Copenhagen
Dageløkkevej 40, 3050 Humlebæk, Denmark
Modern Art: Bichon, Colours: 150, 380, 540, 720, 780, 810, customized shapes and sizes

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