Flat woven COM 1000 broadloom


In the fall 2018, the Czech sport supplies shop Endorphin Republic opened its doors to their new shop, which is located in the modern district Prague 5, in Prague. The more than 1000 sq m large shop is impressive and has many platforms, which reflect that the shop has their focus on mountain related sports. Mountain bikes and skis are displayed on these platforms.

To cover the platforms and more areas of the floor, the flat woven broadloom COM 1000 has been selected in three different colours, which match the mountain theme. In addition, the broadloom also gives the many surfaces in the shop a “soft” touch and it also helps making a pleasant acoustics in the shop.

This is an impressive and successful project, which our business partner Boca has advised in the Czech Republic. Read more about the project at the architect's homepage.

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Endorphin Republic
Endorphin Republic
Prague, Czech Republic
COM 1000

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