COM 1000 LockTiles®


The Belgian specialist distributor of bathrooms and heating, Facq, has opened a large new store in Merelbeke, which also consists of a showroom, offices, meeting rooms etc.

The modern building has more floors and for a large part of the floor covering, the flat woven carpet quality COM 1000 has been selected in the award-winning carpet tile shape LockTiles®.  

In total, 2300 m2 COM 1000 LockTiles® have been installed, of which 1600 m2 in the colour 370 and 700 m2 in the colour 330.

The project has been successfully finished and the client is satisfied with the result – as the LockTiles® give the wished homogeneous surface with less visible joints.

Have a look at the amazing photos below and read much more about the unique carpet tiles shape LockTiles® here ►

Photographer: Caroline Monbailliu

Merelbeke, Belgium
COM 1000 - LockTiles®

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