Notary office with LockTiles®


Did you know that you have the possibility to design your own unique flooring solution with the special carpet tile shape LockTiles®? One of the unique advantages of LockTiles® is that it gives a broadloom-like appearance, when the tiles are installed, as the joints between the tiles are minimally visible. However, it is also possible to design a unique flooring with different colours and/or shapes, if you want to combine these two possibilities. 

Modern notary office in Belgium 
A notary office can also have an inspiring interior. The new Belgian notary office for Notariskantoor Jadoul, Kestelyn & Genicot is proof of this. The company has moved into their new, modern office building and the entire building reflects quality – both on the exterior and the interior. The interior look is minimalistic and all interiors match in colours. To make a sharp contrast to the minimalistic look, more colours have been used to make different shapes in the flooring. 

Both grey and black carpet tiles have been chosen in the quality COM 1000 and as LockTiles®.  All carpet tiles are installed in different ways, so that they make different shapes on the floor in each room. 

The result is impressive and demonstrate very well that you can design a unique flooring solution with LockTiles® – you just need to let your imagination run wild.  

Our good Belgian collaborator Better Brands Distribution has been in charge of this project.

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Photographer: ©Caroline Monbailliu

Notariskantoor Jadoul, Kestelyn & Genicot
Notariskantoor Jadoul, Kestelyn & Genicot
Tervuren, Belgium
COM 1000 - LockTiles®

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