During the last three years, the Danish pension company PFA has renovated their office building in Copenhagen. One of the main themes were to improve the acoustics and the indoor climate for the employees.

The office building of several storeys is a partial open-plan office, which have several meeting rooms designed with surfaces made of glass. In addition, the interior look is modern and designed with concrete floors, concrete pillars, coloured walls, and green plants. 

Carpet runners as acoustical improvement
The many hard surfaces in the office building caused poor acoustics and therefore also a poor indoor climate, in which the employees were frustrated and had problems with the concentration. To rectify this problem, carpet runners were installed in all corridors in the offices and in the stairways.  

The carpet runners are installed in the flat woven and durable quality Quattro – in the colours charcoal grey, which suits the rest of the interior decoration in the offices.

In total, 1800 m2 Quattro are delivered to this project. The Danish floor fitter Appe Aps has been in charge of this great installation job.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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