ZigZag-Tiles® in SML Headquarters


The Austrian high-tech manufacturer of plastic processing machines, SML, opened its new, modern headquarters in April 2019 following eighteen short months of intensive construction work. The new headquarters is located near Redlham in Upper Austria and the total built-up floor area is 42,000 m2. More than half of the area consists of production and storage; the rest of the area consists of offices, education and training offices as well as a technology center.

The new headquarters is a very impressive and successful project, which is designed to offer perfect working conditions, promoting innovation and open communication among employees.

In 3,800 m2 of the 6,000 m2 large office building the hard-wearing carpet tile quality COM 1000 has been installed in the special Fletco Carpets tile shape called ZigZag-Tiles®. The award-winning ZigZag-Tiles® are perfectly installed in the different offices and walking areas and the joints are almost invisible! Have a look at all the pictures below.

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Photographer:  Josef Fischer, Austria. 

Redlham, Austria
COM 1000 ZigZag-Tiles®

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