Colorful and unique flooring with LockTiles®


The special carpet tile shape LockTiles® gives a broadloom-like appearance, when the tiles are installed, as the joints between the tiles are minimally visible. This means that you both get all the advantages of carpet tiles and a minimalistic look like a broadloom, when you select LockTiles®.
Now you probably think, if it is possible to design a unique flooring with colours and/or shapes, if you choose LockTiles®? Yes - and the below reference project will show you how it can be done.

In connection with the renovation of their office building, one of our Danish clients has designed a unique new flooring. The flooring should reflect some graphical elements from the company and therefore they have chosen three different colours in the flat woven quality Nordic: two standard colours and a special made red colour.

All colours are delivered as the special carpet tiles shape LockTiles® and they are beautifully and precisely installed in the entire office building. In the middle of the large office area, a big red circle has been made. It is encircled by black areas along the walls and a beige area in the middle. In addition, curved transitions have been made between all three colours in the waiting area at the office entrance.

The joints between the LockTiles® are nearly invisible and even though the LockTiles® normally have a special shape, there are no limits when you want to play with different colours and make shapes in your flooring solution. Have a look at all reference photos below.

Our good Danish collaborator Lund Gulve Aps has made a perfect and beautiful installation job in this office building.

About Nordic LockTiles®

Nordic pile surface is made of 100% PA 6.6 Ascend Ultron®, which ensures a high durability and makes it suitable for extra heavy commercial use. Nordic has an Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and is Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold and M1 certified, which prove that Nordic has low VOC emissions and therefore contributes to a healthy indoor environment.

The backing on LockTiles® is made of 100% recycled material and is free from bitumen, PVC, latex or other harmful substances. The innovative shape LockTiles® gives, when installed, the exclusive look of a broadloom with minimal visible joints.

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Zealand, Denmark
Nordic - LockTiles®

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