Sustainable initiatives


A sustainable foundation

We believe firmly that using nature’s resources in manufacturing obliges us to be as responsible as possible. This means that top quality is a key priority in every part of our product development and manufacturing processes. To us, sustainability is not an abstract concept but a concrete part of what we do every day.

We take the lead by embracing new production methods and materials with the ambition of going above and beyond the current standards in the carpet industry. And we go into detail to create durable carpets based on versatile, classic designs and uncompromising quality standards to make sure they will stay beautiful for many years to come. To us, this is the essence of sustainability.

We use recycled materials whenever possible: the carpet backing is made of recycled plastic bottles, the carpet tubes are made of recycled plastic, and even the smallest bit of yarn is recycled along with cardboard and other scraps from our production to avoid wasting resources. Since 2016, we have contributed to the green transition in Denmark and bought fully CO2-neutral wind power equivalent to our annual energy consumption.

CO2e – our carbon footprint


We take responsibility for planet and people

Regard for the environment is part of our DNA, and as a responsible manufacturer, we produce carpets with many of the general certifications designed to help architects, distributors and consumers around the world choose sustainable products. However, certifications are only part of what makes Fletco’s carpets a safe and responsible choice when it comes to looking after both global and indoor climate.

We take responsibility for planet and people by creating quality products with long durability and – across all our certifications – using common sense as our most important guide in navigating the complex concerns in relation to total climate footprint and environmental impact.


We care about indoor climate and air quality

Thanks to our innovative production equipment, all our carpets are made without the use of bitumen, latex, PVC, PFAS or other harmful substances that have traditionally been part of carpet production.

We care about indoor climate and air quality, with low emission of air pollutants as a key factor. All our contract carpets carry the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold label for complying with the strictest requirements for the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This umbrella certification encompasses the most significant and far-reaching voluntary European environmental certificates, including Cradle to Cradle, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Danish Indoor Climate Labelling and, partially, M1. The Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate is thus accepted on a par with voluntary international environmental certifications such as BREEAM and LEED in environmentally sustainable construction.


EPD – the environmental impact of our carpets

All our contract carpets have EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) that document the individual product’s environmental impact and thus provide the necessary data for calculating the total environmental impact of an interior or building project. The EPDs are based on international ISO standards and are third-party-verified.


PEF – our combined climate footprint

For years, CO2 emission has been the dominant focus, but it is just a small component of the many, mostly harmful greenhouse gases that are emitted over a product’s lifecycle. CO2e – carbon dioxide equivalent – is a measure of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions over the full lifecycle of a product.

Why PEF? To ensure mutually comparable CO2e assessments, the EU has established a new calculation method called PEF (Product Environmental Footprint), which contains predefined measures for all aspects of the PEF. Thus, if any data is missing, worst-case figures will be applied.

Compared with the EPD, the PEF can often contribute twice as many points to building certifications as BREEAM and LEED, because the broader data input makes the calculations more accurate.

We have PEF reports for all our contract qualities. By choosing contract carpets whose CO2e impact is based on PEF calculations you will automatically meet the documentation requirements for your company’s CSRD reporting.

The new PEF standard


Our contribution to the green transition

Wind-generated electricity causes no CO2 or particle emissions. In order to contribute to the green transition in Denmark, our production facilities are powered by fully CO2-neutral Danish wind energy.

In 2020, we installed a geothermal system to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.
Most of the waste heat from our production facility is captured and utilized. For example, we recover and use heat from our tile production and compressors to heat our buildings.

We are continually looking into new possibilities, and when we develop new carpet qualities, we always aim to reduce our CO2e emissions without compromising on quality.


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