Carpet tiles for commercial installations

Carpet tiles are a practical and flexible solution for commercial projects, as carpet tiles enable access to raised floors; allow for the replacement of individual tiles if they become damaged or if the office space needs to be changed.

Fletco Carpets' unique and patented LockTiles® carpet tiles combine the homogeneous look of a broadloom product with the flexibility of a carpet tile - but with a uniform surface with minimal visible joints. The unique shape of LockTiles® laser-cut edges means that the carpet tiles visually interlock and fit securely in any direction - meter after meter, regardless of area.

Carpet tiles give you unique design options while making both transportation and installation easier.

Fletco carpet tiles are - Made in Denmark - Made from sustainable materials - Flexible - Easy to install and replace - Durable - HSE-improving - Easy to maintain

With carpet tiles, all doors are open to turn your wildest floor designs into reality. The variety of shapes and colors allows you to let your creativity run wild and design the unique textile flooring design that fits your new build, renovation or transformation project. Our portfolio of carpet tiles offers unique design opportunities. Some collections with their unique shapes and colorways offer room for creativity, while others embrace the Danish minimalistic and timeless design heritage and resemble a broadloom installation.

Explore our different collections of commercial carpet tiles and planks. Each one offers different possibilities for creative expression using patterns, shapes, colors or classic designs. Install your carpet tiles monolithic with minimal visible joints thanks to our award-winning LockTiles® og ZigZag-Tiles®, chose a modular carpet plank installation or an elegant checker board installation. The options are plentiful. 

A common denominator is an exclusive installation that will remain beautiful for years to come due to its unique, high-quality construction, longevity and durability

Classic collection



Sebastian Wrong by Fletco

Art Weave by Fletco

Layers by Sebastian Wrong


Why are our carpet tiles perfect for commercial use?

Unique installation with unique shapes

With Sebastian Wrong by Fletco you can create an exclusive flooring solution suitable to your product through the innovative combination of carefully selected colors and unique shapes. Who said carpet tiles or planks had straight edges? Laser cut for the ultimate precision, the Sebastian Wrong by Fletco collection allows for a magnitude of installation options.

Digitally printed flatwoven carpet tiles and planks

Our product offering of digitally printed carpet tiles and planks gives life to the floors in your project with fascinating designs og superior patterns. The flatwoven tiles and planks in the modular and award-winning ”Layers by Sebastian Wrong” collection combines layers and patterns with beautiful colors for visual depth, whereas the ”Art Weave” collection offers concrete or organic-like expressions. 

The flexible flooring solution

A carpet tile installation offers flexibility. As they are installed using a tackifier, you can easily exchange individual tiles if they become damaged, or you can update your flooring solution by adding new design elements. Here you can see an example

The environmental choice 

The environment also benefits from the carpet tile installation when only a few tiles need to be replaced if soiled beyond cleaning rather than a full broadloom installation. The extreme durability of our flatwoven carpet tiles due to combination of a unique construction and carefully selected high-quality components gives a longevity that is second-to-none. 

All Fletco Carpets’ carpet tiles and planks are produced in Denmark utilizing 100% CO2-neutral renewable Danish energy sources.

Contributing to an improved indoor climate

All our carpet tiles and planks are 100% free from bitumen, latex, PVC and other harmful substances. They are energy-saving while contributing to lower energy costs. With their comfortable felt backing, they guarantee superior sound and impact absorbing properties, and due to their construction, they bind dust particles effectively and allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Packed in boxes for easy transportation

Our carpet tiles and planks are supplied in recycled cardboard boxes with a content of 5 square meter, making them easier to handle than traditional 4-meter-wide broadloom rolls.

Carpet tiles backings

Both of our carpet tile backing are certified in accordance with M1Eurofins Gold Indoor Air Comfort, Danish indoor climate, and are Life Balance and GUI-approved for allergy sufferers.  



Our flatwoven carpet tiles are supplied with our TEXtiles® acoustic felt backing:

  • Manufactured from 100 % recycled PET material equivalent to minimum 50 0.5L PET-bottles per square meter.
  • Very low VOCs.
  • 100 % free from bitumen, latex, PVC and other harmful substances.
  • Permanent antistatic.
  • Sound absorbing.
  • Produced utilizing 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Odor-free and latex-free.
  • Easy to install due to their superior dimensional stability. Only a tackifier is required.
  • Fletco Carpets TEXtiles® are GUI-approved for allergy sufferers.


EcoTiles™is applied as backing on our tufted qualities Penta og Penta Stripe:

  • Manufactured from more than 85 % recycled PET material (minimum 50 0.5L PET bottles per square meter).
  • VVery low VOCs.
  • 100 % free from bitumen, latex, PVC and other harmful substances.
  • Permanent antistatic.
  • Superior sound absorption.
  • Produced utilizing 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Odor-free and latex-free.
  • Easy to install due to their superior dimensional stability. Only a tackifier is required.

Carpet tiles in commercial installations:


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