Poor acoustics solved with carpet tiles


Almost all Danes have returned to their physical offices after a long period of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For almost all employees, it is a pleasant reunion with the colleagues and the office, but for some it’s unfortunately the opposite. This because of noise from the surroundings, for example, noise from telephones, people who are talking or walking in the corridors. All this has a direct, negative impact on the employees’ concentration and their productivity.

Poor indoor climate has a negative impact on the concentration
Exactly this was the main problem in a big office building in Haraldsgade in Copenhagen, Denmark. The employees were suffering from much noise in the partial open-plan office, which is designed with wooden floors, concrete pillars and surfaces made of glass. This interior design caused poor acoustics in the offices and therefore also a poor indoor climate, in which the employees were frustrated and had problems with the concentration.

Carpet runners as acoustical improvement
The poor acoustics were solved with the installation of carpet runners in all corridors, which immediately improved the indoor climate. The employees are no longer disturbed by noise and impact sounds from the corridors and are pleased with working in the office again. The carpet runners have been beautifully finished with edging profiles in anodised aluminium, which forms a contrast to the beige-coloured carpet tiles and the wooden floor. At the same time, it matches with the rest of the interior in the offices.

Carpet tiles installed as carpet runners
The carpet runners in the offices are installed on all three floors. They are made of flatwoven COM 1000 carpet tiles in the tile shape ZigZag-Tiles®. The particular thing with this carpet tile shape is that the carpet tiles can be installed in the same direction and the joints are minimally visible. This means that you get the exclusive look of a broadloom and all the advantages of carpet tiles. For example, single tiles can easily be replaced, if liquid is spilled on a tile. As the carpet tiles are delivered in boxes, they are easy to transport into buildings and for the floor fitter, they are easy to move from room to room.

About COM 1000 ZigZag-Tiles®
The flat woven quality COM 1000 ensures a high durability and makes it suitable for extra heavy commercial use. COM 1000 is Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold and M1 certified, which prove that COM 1000 has low VOC emissions and therefore contributes to a healthy indoor environment.

The backing on the carpet tiles is made of 100% recycled material and is free from bitumen, PVC, latex or other harmful substances.

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Office building, Haraldsgade
COM 1000 - ZigZagTiles®

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