Modern Art - our rugs collection

Complete your design theme and create the perfect atmosphere with inviting rugs from our Modern Art range. The range consists of 5 different qualities of designer rugs in a wealth of colours, shapes and sizes. And if you can’t find the shape that fits your concept, from over 37 standards in the collection, you can simply design your own.

These practical and decorative rugs from the Modern Art range are made of soft, strong, maintenance-friendly materials, and improve the acoustics of a room.

All Fletco Carpets rugs are backed in our unique, non-slip backing, which ensures that the rug stays where it’s put, with the edges in full contact with the floor.

Dive into the different colours, shapes and sizes to create the rug that will take you design to new heights.

Modern Art - our rugs collection

Rugs add life and atmosphere to any interior. The Modern Art collection form Fletco is a range of designer rugs for the home, businesses or public spaces. Choose from a wide palette of colours in many standard sizes, or create a shape of your own to suit your furniture and interior. By doing so, you can create the perfect atmosphere in a room, which sends all the right signals.

When will rugs be a great choice?

Complete your design theme with inviting rugs

Rugs make it possible to add your own personal touch to interior design. In common with wall decoration, rugs help round off a design theme and add the colours that are the best for any given project. Whether the rug is to be discreet, or attention-grabbing is entirely up to you. Try using rugs to create a soft, welcoming look in a foyer for example, or create different sections in a room with rugs in different colours. Rugs also make it easy to change the look of a room, and to change colours in line with fashion. That lets you always keep your design at the leading edge, without having to change the entire interior.

Let your imagination run wild

Using designer rugs from Fletco Carpets lets you really let the creative juices flow. Shapes, placing, easy to combine and match to your personal taste. The Modern Art range provides a host of design options. It consists of 5 different qualities, varying in yarn thickness, tuft length and surface. Each quality can be supplied as standard in 8-24 colours and 37 shapes, designed by our own design team. Not including choice of sizes, that gives a total of 2.960 design options.

... and if you can’t find the shape, colour and size you want, designing your own Modern Art rug is easy, following the simple instructions on the Modern Art design page. Create the shape or pattern that will match your project. The same highly-competitive price per square metre applies, regardless of whether you choose one of Fletco Carpets’ designs or your own.

Rugs can be used anywhere

The Modern Art range means designer rugs for all purposes. The wide range of qualities, shapes, colours and sizes make it possible to design a rug that will be perfect for the size and use of a room, its furniture and interior. A single large rug in the perfect colour and shape in the meeting room or lounge, for example, with the same shape repeated in an eye-catching pattern down a long corridor, or create a unique work of art on the floor by mixing colours and shapes in an impressive play on contrasts in the office. Rugs are perfect for all types of hard flooring, such as wooden, laminates and ceramic tiles, and create a lovely effect on a flat-woven, wall-to-wall carpet.

Comfortable, and great for the acoustics

Make the room comfortable to be in, with rugs from Fletco Carpets. The various soft rug qualities in the Modern Art range are comfortable to walk and sit on. Bichon and Hermelin for example, have a soft, velvety and extremely comfortable surface, making them excellent for rooms where people walk barefoot. And because rugs are simply the very best type of flooring to absorb sound, they work exceptionally well in open-plan offices and anywhere else with a high concentration of people and large, hard surfaces. They absorb the noise of footsteps, conversations and other sounds, helping improve the acoustics in a room.

Highly durable and easy to maintain

The high quality and durability make Fletco Carpets rugs well-suited to contract use and in public places with a high volume of traffic. Simple cleaning in the form of vacuuming makes it easy to maintain their appearance in the long-term, despite heavy use.

Eco-friendly products

All Fletco Carpets rugs are made in Denmark using 100% CO2-neutral wind energy, and contain absolutely no bitumen, PVC, Latex or other substances detrimental to the indoor climate.

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Fletco Carpets’ unique, hard-wearing, non-slip backing on rugs


All our rugs feature our innovative, unique backing, specially developed for the Modern Art range. The laminated backing is non-slip, and stays exactly where it is put on any hard floor, without the use of extra secondary backing or the like.

The firm backing makes binding the edges of our rugs unnecessary, and keeps their shape sharp. Several rugs can also be laid close together without using carpet tape or the like between them. See examples of rugs in customer projects here.

The backing has no PVC or softeners, and making it suitable for underfloor heating and humid areas. And it does not cause stains or miscolouring.

Where will rugs be a great choice?

Rugs for foyers, receptions and lounges

Bid your guests to a business, school or theatre welcome with inviting, soft rugs in the foyer or reception. An attractive rug is ideal in a lounge to create a warm, relaxed atmosphere. The stunning and exclusive colours in the qualities Glazing or Florenz could make a great impression, for example.

Rugs for hotels, physiotherapists and hospitals

Soft, inviting rugs from Fletco Carpets are ideal for rooms where people regularly go barefoot. For example, by the side of a bed or in the bathroom of a hotel room, or in the treatment room of a clinic or the like. The same applies in hospitals, where rugs can give a soft, colourful contrast to what are often white, clinical surroundings, in addition to be being comfortable to walk on. The soft, velvety qualities such as Bichon and Hermelin will be perfect for such areas.

Rugs for libraries and waiting rooms

In rooms where people of all ages meet, such as a doctor’s waiting room or in a library, a play area can be a good idea where kids can turn waiting time into playtime. A comfy rug can help create a little play oasis here. For example, a grass-green Fluffy rug that becomes the green fields of a farm in a child’s imagination. Elsewhere, a rug in subdued colours can be an invitation to reading and contemplation.

Rugs for shops

Use rugs to reflect the style and target market of a shop. Complement the goods on the shelves with fashionable rugs on the floor, and change them when changing the stock. Rugs in a changing room of a clothes shop give the customer a feeling of comfort, and elegant, colourful rugs can help enhance the exclusive appearance of a car dealer, furniture store, wine shop or similar.

Rugs are also a great choice for schools and nursing homes, theatres, concert halls, cinemas, conference and exhibition centres, kindergartens, nurseries and wherever else design, durability, acoustics and easy maintenance are vital factors.

Find inspiration for different designs with loose rugs from our customers: